Saturday, 31 January 2009

Last Chance to Win - with CSI DVD

The new CSI Vegas Limited Edition Season 8 part 2 Box set is your last chance to win £10,000 !!

Don't miss out on your chance to win it big with cash form CSI DVD's in the last leg of their CSI DVD competition. If you have any three limited edition box sets get your codes entered on the CSI Official competition today and get your chance to win £10,000.......a holiday, a car, a deposit on a house, paying off the credit cards.......or just a huge shopping trip!!!

(competition rules and terms & conditions are on the Official site too)

Friday, 16 January 2009

CSI Vegas Season 8 Part 2 - Feb 2009

So at last it's 2009 and to all of you CSI Vegas DVD fans that means only one thing - we are edging ever closer to the CSI Vegas Season 8 Part 2 DVD release.

The Season 8 part 2 DVD of CSI Vegas will be available in the UK from 16th February 2009 and sites like are taking pre-release orders now so that you don't miss out on the big release day. So with only one month to go I bet you all have yours ordered already!!

For more information on what is included in the CSI Vegas Season 8 part 2 DVD visit the CSI Vegas DVD Guide or go the Official CSI website at where you can not only look up your favourite CSI DVD information but also enter CSI competitions and play CSI games online.

Also while we are talking about CSI DVD's and the competitions on the official CSI site I should mention that, as we have discussed previously on this blog, if you want to enter the CSI Pack Promotion competition on the CSI official site to win £10,000 with your new purchase of the CSI Vegas Season 8 part 2 DVD you will need to make sure it is a Limited Edition DVD that you will be getting as only the Limited Edition DVD box sets have the codes you will need to enter the CSI Pack Promotion competition.

Please please please if you are buying online make sure you ask the seller if it is a Limited Edition CSI DVD box set that way if it arrives and it is not the limited edition you can always return it and get it elsewhere. Of course if you are not planning to enter the CSI Competition then you can ignore this, but seriously why would you not want the chance to win £10,000.